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4.3. MySQL WebDAV provider

4.3.1. Examples

This screenshot shows how the country table of MySQL’s world-db sample database is published as a collection.

All table rows are rendered as non-collections (text files) that contain the CSV formatted columns.

An additional virtual text file _ENTIRE_CONTENTS is created, that contains th whole CSV formatted table content.


The table’s columns are mad accessible as live properties: .. image:: _static/img/DAVExplorer_MySQL.gif

4.3.2. Usage

To publish an MySQL database, simply add thes lines to the configuration file:

### Publish an MySQL 'world' database as share '/world-db'
from wsgidav.addons.mysql_dav_provider import MySQLBrowserProvider
addShare("world-db", MySQLBrowserProvider("localhost", "root", "test", "world"))

4.3.3. Module description