Description is an extension of the wsgiutils server in Paste. It supports passing all of the HTTP and WebDAV (rfc 2518) methods.

It includes code from the following sources: from wsgiKit <> under PSF license, from Paste <> under PSF license, flexible handler method <> under public domain.

Running as standalone server

To run as a standalone server using the bundled

usage: python [options] [config-file]

  The configuration file for WsgiDAV. if omitted, the application
  will look for a file named 'WsgiDAV.conf' in the current directory

  --port=PORT  Port to serve on (default: 8080)
  --host=HOST  Host to serve from (default: localhost, which is only
                    accessible from the local computer; use to make your
                    application public)
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit

Running using other web servers

To run it with other WSGI web servers, you can:

from wsgidav.mainappwrapper import PyFileApp
publish_app = PyFileApp('WsgiDAV.conf')
# construct the application with configuration file
# if configuration file is omitted, the application
# will look for a file named 'WsgiDAV.conf'
# in the current directory

where publish_app is the WSGI application to be run, it will be called with publish_app(environ, start_response) for each incoming request, as described in WSGI

Note: if you are using the paster development server (from Paste <>), you can copy to <Paste-installation>/paste/servers and use this server to run the application by specifying server='ext_wsgiutils' in the server.conf or appropriate paste configuration.


ExtHandler(request, client_address, server)

ExtServer(serverAddress, wsgiApplications[, ...])


serve(conf, app)

Other Members


str(object='') -> str str(bytes_or_buffer[, encoding[, errors]]) -> str