Tools that make it easier to implement custom WsgiDAV providers.


DAVResolver(parent_resolver, name) Return a DAVResource object for a path (None, if not found).
FileResource(path, environ, file_path) Represents an existing file.
VirtualCollection(path, environ, …) Abstract base class for collections that contain a list of static members.
VirtualTextResource(path, environ, content) A virtual file, containing a string.

Other Members

DAVCollection(path, environ) A DAVCollection is a _DAVResource, that has members (like a ‘folder’ on a filesystem).
DAVNonCollection(path, environ) A DAVNonCollection is a _DAVResource, that has content (like a ‘file’ on a filesystem).
compat Tool functions to support Python 2 and 3.
os OS routines for NT or Posix depending on what system we’re on.
stat Constants/functions for interpreting results of os.stat() and os.lstat().
util Miscellaneous support functions for WsgiDAV.