Package wsgidav

wsgidav.compat Tool functions to support Python 2 and 3.
wsgidav.dav_error Implements a DAVError class that is used to signal WebDAV and HTTP errors.
wsgidav.dav_provider Abstract base class for DAV resource providers.
wsgidav.debug_filter WSGI middleware used for debugging (optional).
wsgidav.error_printer WSGI middleware to catch application thrown DAVErrors and return proper responses.
wsgidav.fs_dav_provider Implementation of a DAV provider that serves resource from a file system.
wsgidav.http_authenticator WSGI middleware for HTTP basic and digest authentication.
wsgidav.lock_manager Implements the LockManager object that provides the locking functionality.
wsgidav.lock_storage Implements two storage providers for LockManager.
wsgidav.middleware Abstract base middleware class (optional use).
wsgidav.request_resolver WSGI middleware that finds the registered mapped DAV-Provider, creates a new RequestServer instance, and dispatches the request.
wsgidav.request_server WSGI application that handles one single WebDAV request.
wsgidav.rw_lock ReadWriteLock
wsgidav.util Miscellaneous support functions for WsgiDAV.
wsgidav.wsgidav_app .
wsgidav.xml_tools Small wrapper for different etree packages.

Package wsgidav.dc

wsgidav.dc.simple_dc Implementation of a domain controller that uses realm/user_name/password mappings from the configuration file and uses the share path as realm name.
wsgidav.dc.nt_dc Implementation of a domain controller that allows users to authenticate against a Windows NT domain or a local computer.

Package wsgidav.prop_man

wsgidav.prop_man.property_manager Implements two property managers: one in-memory (dict-based), and one persistent low performance variant using shelve.
wsgidav.prop_man.couch_property_manager Implements a property manager based on CouchDB.
wsgidav.prop_man.mongo_property_manager Implements a property manager based on MongoDB.

Package wsgidav.samples

wsgidav.samples.dav_provider_tools Tools that make it easier to implement custom WsgiDAV providers.
wsgidav.samples.mongo_dav_provider Implementation of a WebDAV provider that provides a very basic, read-only resource layer emulation of a MongoDB database.
wsgidav.samples.mysql_dav_provider Implementation of a WebDAV provider that provides a very basic, read-only resource layer emulation of a MySQL database.
wsgidav.samples.virtual_dav_provider Sample implementation of a DAV provider that provides a browsable, multi-categorized resource tree.

Package wsgidav.server

wsgidav.server.ext_wsgiutils_server ext_wsgiutils_server.py is an extension of the wsgiutils server in Paste.
wsgidav.server.run_reloading_server Wrapper for server_cli, that restarts the server when source code is modified.
wsgidav.server.server_cli server_cli
wsgidav.server.server_sample Simple example how to a run WsgiDAV in a 3rd-party WSGI server.