MongoDB WebDAV provider

Module description

Implementation of a WebDAV provider that provides a very basic, read-only resource layer emulation of a MongoDB database.

Usage: add the following entries to wsgidav.conf:

from wsgidav.samples.mongo_dav_provider import MongoResourceProvider
mongo_dav_opts = {}
addShare("mongo", MongoResourceProvider(mongo_dav_opts))

Valid options are (sample shows defaults):

opts = {"host": "localhost",       # MongoDB server
        "port": 27017,             # MongoDB port
        # This options are used with `mongod --auth`
        # The user must be created in the admin db with
        # > use admin
        # > db.addUser(user_name, password)
        "user": None,              # Authenticate with this user
        "pwd": None,               # ... and password