WSGI middleware to catch application thrown DAVErrors and return proper responses.


ErrorPrinter(wsgidav_app, next_app, config)

Other Members

BaseMiddleware(wsgidav_app, next_app, config) Abstract base middleware class (optional).
DAVError(status_code[, context_info, …]) General error class that is used to signal HTTP and WEBDAV errors.
HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR int([x]) -> integer int(x, base=10) -> integer
HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED int([x]) -> integer int(x, base=10) -> integer
HTTP_NO_CONTENT int([x]) -> integer int(x, base=10) -> integer
as_DAVError(e) Convert any non-DAVError exception to HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR.
get_http_status_string(v) Return HTTP response string, e.g.
traceback Extract, format and print information about Python stack traces.
util Miscellaneous support functions for WsgiDAV.